David Furlong

David Furlong

A small change to make time for my habits

A short reflection on my habits

I've been struggling with my habits.

Ever since reading and rereading Atomic Habits by James Clear in december 2019 I have been scheming improvements in my habits. The start of a decade is an opportunity better than most to start the journey towards a new you.

The thing is I haven't been successful in anchoring my habits to other habits, times of day or triggers. I do them sometime in the evening, but often I forget. When I do remember, then I have excuses; I can't do these pushups now, because I've just had two beers, and so on.

At 5pm work is over and my brain tells me I'm tired and need to relax. Its a decisive moment when I can choose to take a break of indeterminate length, or make progress on my reading, personal tasks and development. Too often do I choose the prior. I've just worked all these hours, and I deserve a reward, my thoughts tell me.

I feel tired in mornings but for the last week I have been setting my alarm an hour earlier in order to trick my brain and get important personal development time and habits done in the morning. A small change that so far has had its intended affect. Lets see if I can stick with it.